Blind Chanel to Vancouver:

Homemade cinnamon rolls are baked each morning at the Blind Channel store.  They are so popular that the marina limits boaters to two per boat.  We secure our pair of tasty pastries as soon as the store opens as they sell out quickly.  

We have a short travel day of 31 miles to our next anchorage of Waiatt Bay in the Octopus Island Marine Park.  The Okisollo Rapids are just before our anchorage, so we time our arrival to slack current, and they are not an issue.  

Located on a small island in the marine park is a dilapidated cabin that has become an “art museum” where the tradition is for boaters to leave wooden driftwood with their boat name inscribed and other mementos of their trip.

We left wooden signs in both 2017, 2019, and 2022.   We add a new piece of driftwood with Idyll Time’s name to the collection.

As a bonus, we find a large patch of sea asparagus growing around the cabin.  We harvest a large bag full.  This will be a great addition to salads and pasta.

The next morning, we are at Hole in the Wall rapids at 8 AM for a transit at slack tide.  This is our last rapids of the season.  A lone humpback whale is feeding as we exit the rapids and enter Desolation Sound.  

We have a beautiful cruise down the Strait of Georgia with calm seas.  A surprising number of Humpback Whales are out feeding.

Vancouver is our home for several days as we enjoy the big city life.  We were fortunate to find a slip at Queyside Marina just steps from the trendy Yale Town district.

  With all the great biking paths, we are able to get in some exercise while seeing the city sights and enjoying some great meals at the trendy restaurants.

Leaving Vancouver, we are able to clear U.S. Customs using our CBP Roam app on the iPad with a video conference to the Customs agent.  It is an easy process, and we are soon cleared to enter US waters.  It’s always good to be back in the USA.

We are looking forward to spending a few weeks exploring the San Juan Islands. Thanks for following along.

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