Year End 2021

Summer is almost over here in Alaska.  The days are getting shorter and we are starting to see a change in the weather patterns. It seems every few days a new weather front moves in with blustery winds and rain.  Frederick Sound is a good place to be with several bomb proof anchorages to hide from the wind.  

We enjoy the beautifully beach at Halleck Harbor while riding out a 45 knot blow. The winds are howling outside but at our anchorage there is hardly a breath of air. While walking the beach,  we find a trail hidden in the woods. Keeping an eye out for wildlife, we follow the trail for more than a mile before turning back.  The vegetation is too thick to continue.  This is probably a bear and deer trail and we don’t feel comfortable bushwhacking.  Although there  are no brown bears on Kuiu Island, there are black bears and we didn’t want to wander upon one it the thick brush.  

While at anchor, we manage to catch a nice 45 lb. halibut.  That was a bonus for sure.

With the forecast improving, we cross Frederick Sound and head over to Chapin Bay to try our luck at Salmon fishing.  Ron and Michele on Spirit Journey join us here also.  Their two sons are aboard this week so they have rented a small fishing boat to tow behind their boat. 

 We are envious as they make fishing look so much easier in the smaller boat. Even with our difficulties of fishing from Idyll Time, we manage to catch 13 nice Coho over two days.  That’s a new record for us.

After a few days of nice weather, another gale is in the forecast.  We head over to Henry’s Anchorage  in Pybus Bay to weather out this blow.  With Dick and Bridget on Ptarmigan joining the group, we have another Krogen Rendezvous.  The weather is terrible for several days but we make the best of it with daily visits to the other boats. Spirit Journey hosted a wonderful crab boil for everyone.

We did manage to squeeze in one morning of fishing with Ron’s sons aboard their little fishing boat.  Our freezer is now full.

We spent our last few days watching the whales of Frederick Sound.  Although no bubble net feeding was observed, they did put on a good show for us.  We estimated at least 50 whales surrounded us as they were feeding.  

After a week of hard work, Idyll Time now has her cover on and all of her systems have been winterized. She should do fine over the long winter months.  

Before leaving Petersburg, one last get together with all our Krogen friends was called for.  With six Krogens in the harbor, its another Krogen rendezvous! It’s been another great summer in Alaska.  See you next spring. Thanks for following along.