2009 Cruising Notes

2009 Cruising Notes:

Our 2009 boating season has now come to an end.


We enjoyed another fantastic year on the water as we traveled over 3200 miles from Florida to the Great Lakes. This was certainly the year for locks as we traveled through 76 different locks including the Big Chute and Peterborough Lift.


Idyll Time will spend the next seven months tucked inside a huge heated storage warehouse in Grand Haven, Michigan. This warehouse will be kept at a temperature of 50 degrees throughout the long Michigan Winter.


We hope to return to the boat around the beginning of May, 2010. We have several hiking adventures planed over the next few months and will keep all of our loyal readers updated with these non boating adventures. Thanks for all of your support throughout the year and please join us again on the water in 2010.


For those who are interested, below are some statistics for this year’s cruise:

Total Miles Traveled 2009: 3238
Total Locks: 76
Total Days aboard boat: 200
Days spent at marinas: 157
Days spent at anchor: 43
Travel Days: 74
Miles per Gallon: 3.53
Gallons per Hour: 2.11

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