Lessons Learned at Anchor

Special Captains Log
Lessons Learned While @ Anchor, Georgetown, Exuma

The following is provided as a service to fellow cruisers. image_10

1. NEVER fly your new kite from the top deck of your boat while the wind generator is still up and rapidly turning . This will result in:
A. All of the kite string being “eaten” by the aforementioned wind generator.
B. The new kite will be swiftly recalled by the wind generator blades causing a sudden/abrupt interruption of power generation aboard the boat.
Note to the above, it takes a REALLY long time to unwrap new kite string from a windgen. I never knew that nearby boats could express laughter by sounding their horns. image_9

2. NEVER continue any activity (such as #1) when the Admiral says “I don’t think that this is a good idea”. Continuing said active will inevitably result in
3. “I told you so”. Although this phrase is heard several times a day aboard our boat, I sometimes feel that it can be overused to the point of ignoring (or ignorance, you decide).
4. When in doubt, Always refer to #2.
5. Extreme boredom during a windstorm can (and most likely will) result in something similar to #1. Resist this temptation unless you want to hear #3.
6. I have never been accused of being an Einstein and employing #1 has not brought me closer to that accolade. Oh well, at least for a while, my new kite flew really very well and I’m thinking about what to do next to improve it’s behavior. I’ll keep you posted.

Captain Bubba


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