Update on Shipping Plans

Good News! We now have a nominated ship for the transport of Idyll Time to the Pacific North West. img_1578_0The M/V Happy River is scheduled to arrive in West Palm on April 27/28. The Happy River is one of the “ Big Lift” ships owned by The Spleithoff group, Seven Star’s parent company. The date is subject to AGW WP, all going well, weather permitting. After a search on the Marine Traffic app, we found Happy River currently in the English Channel just off the coast of England. The app also told us that the ship is scheduled to arrive in Quebec City on April 22nd. A lot of things could still happen between now and April 27 th to delay travel.

We continue to work down our list of preparing IT for the shipment. We now have a Customs agent for export of Idyll Time from the U.S. Forms have been sent to our agent along with a copy of our passports and the $95 fee. Next was a phone call to the port agent for entering into Victoria, B. C. They too sent us forms to send in along with a copy of our Vessel Documentation. Unlike the U.S., no fees were required for us to bring the boat into Canada.
We do have the opportunity to ride along on the ship. For $50 per day they would furnish a bunk and three meals. What an adventure this would be! We thought long and hard about riding along but in the end decided it best to forgo this opportunity. Had we ridden along, the birds would have to stay here in Stuart at “bird camp” for almost a month. After unloading the ship, we would then have to fly back to Florida for them and then spend several more weeks driving across country in the RV. We are eager to get out there and begin exploring the area. Maybe this opportunity will be available sometime in the future.
As the Happy River gets closer, Seven Star will send us updates to the schedule. We will stay here in Stuart until a few days before loading.


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