Sullivan Bay is our stop for today. When calling in on the VHF to get docking instructions, their last comment is “ Welcome to Sullivan Bay”. What a wonderful comment to hear upon arrival. I have to say we have experienced this welcome throughout Canada. img_6385 Sullivan Bay is another one of those unique marinas of the Broughtons. This is a completely floating community with no land connection. Anchored in 160 feet of water, there are 14 brightly colored float houses anchored to six long floating docks.img_6391 Out and back you can get in a two mile walk. Each dock is given a street name. The restaurant which is open three days a week is located on Main Street in the Town Hall.img_6377 Wednesday night is rib night and one of the main reasons we are here. There is a small well stocked general store where during check in you place your order for next morning 9:00am hot fresh homemade cinnamon buns and apple turnovers. We order three cinnamon rolls and two apple turnovers.img_6405 There is once weekly float plane service from Vancouver Island. One residence even has their own float plane ramp and another has a helicopter pad on their roof.img_6367 The village is only occupied during the summer. Everything is winterized starting in September and some of the docks and homes are moved to the inner harbor. There is a care taker that stays all year. This is truly a unique stop. These folks are livening off the grid.img_6383 The ribs were fantastic and cinnamon rolls and turnovers were even better. I am sure this will become a designated stop for us in the coming years.img_6395

Total Miles Today: 6
Total Miles This Year: 862

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