Day 60:
North Sandy to Reid Glacier:

It is another amazing day in Glacier Bay.8a14e4ce-35d4-45fb-b5b6-224bfa5fc484 We continue working our way up bay while enjoying the warm sunny weather which is very unusual for this area.91f82a5d-edae-44c2-ae1e-d0331a079ae2 We peak our nose in Tidal Inlet and spot a brown bear on shore.156f5b17-b3b2-4cc5-a206-8201e48279ba Reaching the high granite peaks of Gloomy Knob, we ease in close to shore in search of the mountain goats. The calm milky water is 200 ft. deep almost to the shore. Several of the goats are out munching on green grass. The Norsdam and Island Princess Cruise ships are just ahead of us. They too slow for their passengers to observe the goats.9539b2f3-5874-4850-a253-a2fd89081540

This afternoon we spot our first ice berg on the way to our anchorage in Reid Inlet.39960799-0c6e-49de-8ea7-6d4d3ee5e613 Although this bergie bit was not very big , we are now on notice of what is to come. We are happy to see Robin and Jim on Adventures already anchored in the Inlet.b357a35b-1867-4729-9dcb-ef127146b25f After anchoring behind a small spit along the northwest shore, the dinghy is deployed for some exploring. At the head of our anchorage, two miles away, is the Reid Glacier. Cruise ship passengers don’t get the opportunity to explore this glacier as the bay is too small for the big ships. Keeping our eyes peeled for bears, we spend some time hiking along the rocky shore to the foot of the glacier.ee28aad0-39ff-4211-938e-16dc8f871fb5 We are equipped with shotgun, bear spray, and bear bells.14bc6519-579d-4cc1-9dd5-8c75168cb310 Before heading back to Idyll Time, we stop to collect some glacier ice floating in the anchorage.9c693dff-f83e-4f61-ae2e-0754621c8301 Tonight we will enjoy glacier ice cocktails. Because of its density, the ice will last for several days. Tomorrow will be our glacier day. Hopefully the weather will hold. In this remote anchorage, we have no cell, vhf, or weather info.6a7bd812-4d38-4852-8623-e7d286d5bc45

Total Miles Today: 37
Total Miles This Year: 1868

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  1. Again, the narrative and photos are fabulous. What a beautiful adventure you’re having! It really inspires me to do this too, but most likely on a cruise ship. Can’t wait for your next installment.

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