It is hard to believe the end of our 2018 cruising season is already here. Idyll Time took good care of us this year on our 3200 mile trek to Alaska and Back. It is now time to give her some attention. We settled on Anacortes, Washington and North Harbor diesel for our winter location.bc7e3476-3958-416e-a814-1564d01d7d92 It is always stressful to watch as IT is hauled out of the water but the lift operators did a great job and she was soon resting on her jack stands.887eac72-97e6-4913-8455-358562265ddd

Our big project was to pull the prop and shaft and install new Tides seals and cutlass bearing.cfcd79a8-8763-4572-8543-c5df6428ff3a Here is a photo of the old and new cutlass bearing.8665a1af-61db-4dfa-b01c-a0b5551174c0 The prop was sent off for balance and shape adjustment. It got a clean bill of health and came back all bright and polished.Gregg did a great job on the shaft and everything went back together smoothly. 9b98b1e5-871b-4066-b6bd-e978cd315643 We also removed the bow thruster props and cleaned them up.38e2b7b0-a3fc-40e0-b3e9-0a51fa3e6fa3

In order for Idyll Time to fit on the yard trailer, our stabilizers had to be removed.87cc2520-1626-404a-bde1-a7ebe37c8c62 Since we were removing the stabilizers anyway to replace their seals, this was no big deal.a8b5ff93-8288-4760-a449-a71d5d6fe5fd Idyll Time was next pulled into the paint building so that a coat of barrier paint could be applied to the rudder shoe, rudder, and prop.b49dd7b4-6df4-4168-b210-3120a6f81419 The yard trailer then carried her down the street to her winter resting spot. It’s always strange to see boats traveling down the road.f41bcbb9-26ac-4793-bb21-25164a6007b3 Once she was winterized, we camped out in the RV while getting her ready for her winter rest.55bcae8e-5318-4365-ad54-202efd0d92aa

Our new cover went on nicely. It took us three hours to install but for our first time, we felt that was pretty good.04caee9d-87e2-496d-859c-6d4c6ec96a1a

There are quite a few projects still to do before next years cruising but we will save those for a later blog.

Thanks for following along. We will be back in the spring for another season of cruising.59e48029-5134-45ce-bbb1-8d07c0a7bfcd

1 thought on “End of Season

  1. Jeff and Susie,
    What an adventure! We so much enjoy reading all of your boating adventures. Perhaps we will try to experience the PNW boating challenge someday. You are certainly ambassadors to do it!
    But this year we took 6 months off from living aboard (boat is in Michigan) and are visiting family, doing a New Zealand/Australia/Hawaii tour then spending some more time in Bellingham as we await the birth of our first grandchild in Feb.
    We hope our paths will one day cross again.
    Fair skies and following seas to you in the new year!
    Tom and Julie

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