Springtime With Sebastian


Admiral Mom and Captain Dad said that we would all relax and enjoy a beautiful spring at home this year.  Boy, they were wrong.  It has been anything but relaxing.  Let me explain. 

 As the Cruise Director, my job is to make sure things are ready for future trips.  We have been busy with visitors staying with us at the house (Cousin Gwenn and husband Jamie from Philly and Jeannie, owner of Miss Ruby the beautiful red hulled trawler we met several years ago).  Captain Dad has been doing house and yard work as well as cleaning and waxing the Minnie Winnie Miss Daisy (our 24 ft Winnebago RV),

Idyll Out (our17 ft. Wellcraft), Idyll Time (our 48 ft. Krogen), and Time Out (our 11 ft. Boston Whaler).  Nate is on a diet (he’s way too fat!!), and Homer is not doing anything (as usual) except being mean and unsociable (so what’s new?).  


The really big news is the new addition to the Crew.  Her name is Addie.  She is a beautiful 6 yr. old Sheltie who was rescued from a puppy mill in Arkansas last year.  She is very shy and gets spooked by anything new.  As such, she could not fill the security officer position left open by Daisy.  She is not brave enough.


By the way, Homer put in for the security officer position again in 2013 but was rejected again by Captain Dad.  He said Homer did not have the right temperament (too crabby), correct attitude (too bossy), and wrong personality (“a little Hitler”).  Homer disagreed with Capt. Dad by biting his finger when closing his cage door. 


Anyway, back to Addie.  Since she is a “Rescue”, she will only be with us for a short time.  The Fresh Start Sheltie Rescue Association (www. Mysheltie.com). is trying to find her a “forever home”.  In the meantime, Admiral Mom is working with her to help with her shyness by going on lots of walks and car rides.  We take her to dog obedience class every Tuesday night.   Even though I know everything taught in class, I go along because it involves getting lots of treats!!!  As an official “Mentor Dog” (Captain Dad gave me this title), I have the solemn duty of showing Addie how to behave boldly, without fear, and to not be shy.  It is the perfect job for me.  Did I mention it involves getting lots of treats?  That’s the best part!  Captain Dad said that I have been doing such a good job that I now have to go on a diet; I have gained two pounds.  It is a tough job but somebody has to do it. 


As far as cruising plans go, Admiral Mom said we will be spending the next year near home in Tennessee exploring the lakes and rivers of the southeast.  She has asked me to plan weekly trips on the TN and Cumberland Rivers as well as trips to Chattanooga, Knoxville, Nashville, and Guntersville. 

I will keep you posted about all of this over the next couple of months.  We also may have some guests come cruising with us so that should be really fun.


By the way, as “Mentor Dog” I also have to show Addie how to cruise and live aboard Idyll Time.  We have been out once aboard Idyll Time overnight and Addie did really good.

  We also have been for boat rides aboard Idyll Out and Time Out.  She is doing very well and seems to be a natural at boating.  I like it because Admiral Mom gives out lots of treats to both of us.  Being a “Mentor Dog” is a tough and demanding job.


Well, that’s about it for now.  I will keep y’all posted about Addie and our cruises on the TN River (if Captain Dad ever finishes his chores- boy he’s slow!!).

  I need to go mentor him. 





Cruise Director

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