Bald Head Island to Fernandina

Bald Head to Fernandina:

The picturesque Bald Head Island harbor is a bee hive of activity this week with 15 Krogen boats nestled in their slips.  dsc_0039 We are all here for a pot luck dinner and beach bon fire being hosted by Betty who is both a Krogen owner and a resident on the island.  She graciously opens her newly renovated home for her Krogen friends.  35 fellow mariners attend this inaugural event. krogen-gang


We leave Idyll Time at the dock for several days as we make a quick trip back to our home in Tennessee.  Arriving back to the boat a week later, we find the harbor vacant of Krogens except for three.  Most of the fleet have continued their migration South to Florida. dsc_0009 We too must head south soon but first want to enjoy a few days on Bald Head. dsc_0023   We spend the next two days biking every road on the island.  Most of the vacationing tourists are gone and the island has a much quieter and relaxed feel. dsc_0027


Our good friends, Marty and Suzanne aboard Alizann, arrive on the eve of our departure just before dark. We have dinner ready for them as they have had a long day on the water.  Marty, being a retired dentist, graciously offers to make a boat call.  One of Susie’s crowns came unglued several days ago.  After dinner our salon is transformed into a dental exam room and Marty puts his skills to work and quickly cements the tooth in place.  Thank you very much Marty!!! tooth

Up at 5:00 AM, we patiently wait on daylight to arrive before beginning our overnight run.


Marty and Suzanne are on the docks to cast off our lines.  Idyll Time is quickly pushed out the inlet with a two knot current.  Of course, there would be a freighter entering the Cape Fear inlet just as we are exiting.


The seas are lumpy this morning and by early afternoon increase to 3-4 feet.  Being on our stern, IT handles them with ease.  The Dolphins soon join us as they play in our bow wake.  dsc_0137 There must be 15 of them all taking turns as they grab a free ride.  They seem to be enjoying themselves and entertain us for several hours. dsc_0102


Nate settles in for a nap on his t-stand as he is now getting accustomed to spending the day in the pilot house with us.  He seems to be missing Sebastian, as are we.


By evening, the seas have calmed and we now have a two foot swell.  Jeff readies the boat for our overnight travel. dsc_0093   The FLIR and starlight scope are brought out.  Black foam is attached to our bow rail to reduce glare from the lights.  We each take several naps in preparation for the long night ahead. dsc_0095


Our overnight is uneventful (a good thing) and the seas remain relatively benign.  The only traffic we see is while crossing both the Charleston and Savannah ship channels.  Our AIS keeps us well away from the big freighters path.


By afternoon the next day, we reach the St. Mary’s Entrance channel.  Being one of the easier inlets to enter, we have a care free passage especially in these calm seas. Reaching the Fernandina City Marina, we quickly snag their last vacant mooring ball.  Being deprived of sleep, we opt to stay aboard and get some much needed shut eye before heading into St. Augustine tomorrow. dsc_0170


Total Miles: 305

Total Miles This Year: 2615


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