2009 Cruising Plans

A Note from Sebastian, Cruising Director:


Well, as hard as I tried, I wasn’t able to convince Mom and Dad into heading over to the Bahamas this winter. I am a little upset with them as they kept telling me that we would go there this year. As cruise director, I had made lots of plans for us while there. Unfortunately, we had to change plans and spend some time here at home. They have promised Daisy and me that we will travel to warmer waters next winter. I have endured the last few months of cold weather here in Chattanooga, TN while Mom and Dad spend time with our family. As most of you know, I really hate this cold weather and would much prefer to be in warm sunny Florida on the boat.

Mom and Dad are now working on our travel plans for this year and say we should be back on the boat in February to continue our cruise. I will keep you posted. Please check back in a few weeks for our cruising itinerary for this year.

Your Pal,


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