Takatz is one of Alaska’s  Iconic anchorages and is high on our list of favorites.  After weighing anchor in Chapin Cove we plot our course to this popular spot.  Frederick Sound is calm today but rounding Point Gardner and entering Chatham Strait we find the strong north wind is funneling down the channel.  

The seas at this intersection  can sometimes get nasty.  Today we have a two foot chop on the bow but Idyll Time handles it with ease.  Swell, a small charter boat, is just ahead. 

We work our way north up Chatham Strait along the east side of Baranof Island.  This area is known as “the waterfall coast” due to the large number of waterfalls cascading down from the high snow covered peaks.  It is a beautiful day to be in Alaskan waters. 

We see several whale blows in the distance. Another twelve miles and we are entering the channel to our  protected anchorage. With only one other boat here, we find a nice spot in 50 feet to drop the hook.

It is a magnificent anchorage surrounded on three sides by tall granite peaks with snow still on top.  

Ribbons of waterfalls cascade down the steep cliffs and echo throughout the bay.

At the head of the bay, there is a salmon stream only accessible across the mud flats at high tide.  It is a beautiful sunny 65 degree day perfect for a kayak trip in search of bears.  

Two years ago we saw a mom with triplets here.

And last year, we had the swimming bear.

This year doesn’t disappoint!  As we paddle to the head of the bay we spot a large brown bear munching in the sedge grass.

He is the most magnificent male bear that we have ever seen!

Jeff is braver than I and quietly paddles up to get a closer look.

The bear glances over at us several times but doesn’t seem to be bothered by our presence. And why should he….he looks to be over 800 pounds.

The next morning we are back out in the kayaks at low tide to scan the shoreline for any activity.  Just outside our anchorage, we spot two brown bears, one on each side of the narrow inlet.  As we are paddling closer, one of the bears starts swimming across the channel.

 Paddling hard to get a closer look, we are amazed at how fast this bear can swim.    He doesn’t seem interested in our presence and is soon scrambling up the rocks.  We can hear both bears in the woods but they don’t return. We wonder if this is the same swimming bear that we saw here last year.  

We could spend many more nights in Takatz but there are more places to explore. Plus our wilderness spot just became crowded with two big boats pulling in.  

Serengeti, the boat below, was originally owned by Johnny Carson.  You can now charter the boat for $140,000 a week plus expenses!!! 

  Tomorrow we are off to search for a King Salmon.  Thanks for following along!

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