Inside Passage South: Petersburg to Prince Rupert

All of our dock mates are still fast asleep as we ease away from our stall in Petersburg to begin our journey South on the Inside Passage.  We have a slow slog down Wrangell Narrows with a 4 knot current against us for the first hour.  We timed our passage this way so as to catch the ebb in the middle of the narrows at Papkies Landing.  This will give us a push for the majority of today’s travel.  Our Krogen friends, Dick and Bridget, are on the walking path outside of Petersburg to wave us farewell.  When you own a Krogen you become part of an amazing community of Boaters! They took this photo.

Our stop for a few days is the small town of Wrangell.  Our primary reason is to service our Mercury outboard on our tender at the Mercury dealer here in town.  It  developed a small leak on the motor foot a few weeks ago.   They replace the seals and also put on a new water pump.  Time Out  is back to 100%.

While in Wrangell we take a trip with Breakaway Adventures to the Anan Bear Preserve.  It is always such a pleasure to see these wild animals in their natural environment. I will post a whole blog on this.

 Mount Dewey, the highest point in Wrangell, is always a must do for us when we are in town.  The views are spectacular.

Saying goodbye to Wrangell, we  have an uneventful trip South through Zimovia  Strait to Earnest Sound.  The seiners are out in full force snatching up salmon in their nets.

Our next stop is the little village of Myers Chuck.  It is always enjoyable to get off the boat and hike around the paths connecting all the cabins.  There are three new cabins being built  keeping the  island sawmill busy.

We have a  beautiful hike thru the woods to the rocky beach.

With great weather,  we continue south on Clarence Straight through the busy port of Ketchikan. There are four cruise ships in port as we pass by.

Our anchorage for the next few nights is Foggy Bay. Luckily , we have a clear sunny day to enter through the rocky strewn twisty channel.  With several uncharted rocks reported, we are always cautious entering this bay.  Having been here before, we are able to follow our previous track and safely anchor.

It’s nice having a down day to explore the anchorage.  At slack tide, we are able to take the dinghy through the rapids and into the back bay.  Several deer are out grazing but no bears are sighted.  

After two nights in Foggy Bay, it’s time to continue south.  We have a great weather window for our 40 mile open water crossing of Dixon Entrance and are soon entering  Canadian Waters.  Cow Bay Marina in Prince Rupert will be our home for the next few days.  Thanks for following along!

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